Amazing Places To Visit When You're In Alibaug


Alibaug is a Coastal town in Raigad district of Maharashtra, India.This tourist place is situated in western coast with beautiful beaches spread across its area. Alibaug is located 97 km from Mumbai and 140 km from Pune.There are many famous and most visited beaches like Alibaug Beach, Nagaon beach, Akshi Beach, Varsoli beach, Kashid beach, Revdanda Beach, Kihim Beach, Thal Beach, Mandwa beach etc.If you like beaches, water sports and seafoods then you must come to visit Alibaug. It is one of the best place to relax, unwind and get rejuvenated in the lap of mother nature.The major attractions are Kolaba Fort, Agarkot Fort and Korlai Fort.The popular Birla temple of Salav village is also closer from Alibaug, approximately around 22 kms.

Although Alibaug is best known as a beach destination, the town has an interesting and unexpected history that makes it worth exploring as well. Bene Israeli Jews settled in the area, where their ship landed, about 2,200 years ago while fleeing persecution in Palestine. They adopted the local language and culture but kept their religion. Alibaug (meaning "Ali garden") is said to have been named after one of the Jews - a rich merchant called Ali, who had plantations and orchards.

The Portuguese ruled the region from the early 16th century until they were ousted by the Marathas in the 17th century. Maratha emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj developed Kolaba Fort, near Alibaug, into a naval base. Later, at the beginning of the 18th century, Maratha Navy commander Kanhoji Angre used the fort to launch raids on British merchant ships. The British and Portuguese joined forces to capture the fort but were unsuccessful. It wasn't until the early 19th century that the British finally gained control of the region and fort.

A beach is always an excellent location for a relaxing holiday. Here are some of the Alibaug's most beautiful beaches:

Alibaug beach- Alibaug beach is located very close to Alibaug main bus stand. You can take a auto-rickshaw or take a walk to reach the beach. There are lot of water sports facilities available apart from regular horse and camel rides as well as tonga rides.If you’re feeling hungry, you can have a quick bite at various food stalls available near the beach. Sunset from Alibaug beach looks beautiful as it appears in a background of Kolaba Fort.

Alibaug beachWater sports at Alibaug beach

Nagaon beach - One of the most recognizable and famous beach in Alibaug.Nagaon beach is famous for water sports ,dense whistling pine trees and pollution-free air, the shoreline of the beach is known for its fascinating greenery.It is a great place for a perfect family holiday in Alibuag.This beautiful Beach is located at a distance of around 8 km from Alibaug town. The beach is clean, Surrounded by lush greenery and mind soothing scenic beauty.You can find many water sports activities at Nagaon beach like Banana boat riding, jet ski, parasailing, horse riding, camel riding, Quad biking etc. its purest and undisturbed place. Private and share Auto rickshaws are easily available from Alibaug town to reach the beach.

Water sports at Nagaon beachNagaon beach Alibaug


Akshi beach- If your idea of a perfect vacation involves a beach to yourself and If you're looking forward to getting lost in a serene place then Akshi Beach is all you need. This beach is located around 5 kilometres away from the Alibaug town.Akshi beach also attracts a lot of different species of birds, making it a famous bird watching spot.